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BBCOS Method Active Lotion against Hair Loss (Box w/12 Vials of 8 ml)

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BBCOS Method Active Lotion against Hair Loss (Box w/12 Vials of 8 ml)

Method Active Lotion against Hair Loss

LOTION AGAINST HAIR LOSS made up of PLANT STEM CELLS Constitutes an aid to prevent hair loss, thanks to its formula based on stem cells that carry out a regenerative action on hair bulb cells by restoring the normal metabolism and encouraging the hair growth resumption. The Stem cells are found in every organism and are distinguished from other cells because they are "undifferentiated"; or "unspecialized"; that is to say they do not yet have a very precise function inside the organism, and can reproduce themselves almost unlimitedly.

In particular, the microbial stem cells derived from cells in the exponential phase of growth and development, and therefore have a high reproductive capacity. At this stage these cells in fact have a basic metabolism able to reproduce by its own growth's factors, vitamins and essential amino acids. These features make them suitable to accelerate the formation and regeneration of human cells during metabolic stasis, such as the cells of the hair bulb and/ or fibroblasts of the dermis. In other words, the concentrated extracts of microbial cells reactivates the cell multiplication and are thus able to reduce the signs of skin aging and to restore the normal metabolism of the hair bulb, removing free radicals and helping hair's growth resumption.

How to use: Apply on dry or damp skin, massage and leave in (do not rinse). Repeat once a week.

PACK containing: 12 ampules of lotion 8ml each.