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BBCOS KeratinColor Zero Ammonia + Keratin 100ml/3.4oz

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BBCOS KeratinColor Zero Ammonia + Keratin 100ml/3.4oz


PERMANENT COLOR DYE AMMONIA FREE based on KERATIN: Combines the delicacy of a dye without ammonia with the most physio-compatible protein for the hair: the hydrolyzed Keratin. Result: Silky, healthy, full-bodied hair; colors with natural shades enriched with bright highlights, COMPLETE COVERAGE OF WHITE HAIR, for a timeless beauty.

KERATIN is a protein that forms the basic component of hair and nails. Keratin in hair is present on the cuticle, a thin outer layer that gives hair shine and softness; in the cortex where keratin fibers and fibrils bind and determine the strength and elasticity of hair. Finally in the Medulla, made up of keratin proteins that determines the hair color. Dyes, easily change the chemical bonds of keratin causing damage. That's why hair often lose their brightness, elasticity and texture. This fact made us think about the necessity to replace the keratin during the coloring process. We created so keratinCOLOR: a cream color without ammonia based on hydrolyzed keratin that is easily incorporated to the hairís cuticle and cortex during the treatment, satisfying the need of proteinís regeneration.


How to use: Use always suitable gloves. Mix a tube of Keratincolor cream: 100 ml with 150 ml of Oxigen BBCOS, to obtain 250 ml of cream, which is enough to dye long hair. Exposure time: 30/35 minutes For professional use only. MIXING RATIO : 1 :1.5

CONTENT : 100 ml.

TONE on TONE: The sensitivity and delicate nature of Keratincolor chemical bonds , allow its use as a semi-permanent color - Tone on Tone by simply reducing the exposure time and mixing with keratincolor EMULSION CREAM, an oxidizing emulsion with low volume specially formulated to be blended with keratinCOLOR.