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RG Cosmetics (1)HairB... Hairbotox Smoothing Treatment 1000ml (1)HairB... Hairbotox Mask 1000ml

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RG Cosmetics (1)HairB... Hairbotox Smoothing Treatment 1000ml (1)HairB... Hairbotox Mask 1000ml

Order release subject to cosmetology licence verification.
Please leave your phone number when you place your order or call us at: 1-866-585-2246 or 407-574-7442.

This group contains:
(1) RG Cosmetics HairB... Hairbotox Smoothing Treatment 33.81 oz
(1) RG Cosmetics HairB... Hairbotox Mask 33.81 oz

is a revolutionary treatment which focuses on restoring lost protein into the hair, strand by strand. From the root to the ends, each strand is left straight, shiny, soft, and malleable. It was designed specifically for dull, lifeless hair.

HAIRB... (HAIRBOTOX) creates a smoothing effect through a three-step process. First, the hair shaft cuticles are opened up with the hair shaft with the use of the clarifying shampoo. Next, HairB...s active ingredients use this open pathway to effectively penetrate the cuticle. Lastly, heat is used to fully activate and seal the ingredients into the hair, resulting in healthy, radiant, smooth hair for up to 10 weeks!

For Professional Use Only.

1. Wash Hair with RG Clarifying Shampoo. If there is residue of any styling products (hair gel, hair spray, was, etc) or if hair is oily. If hair is free of any of the products mentioned, there is no need to wash the hair, simply use spray bottle to dampen the hair.
2. Divide Hair in sections while hair is still damp.
3. Apply Hairbotox starting form the nape of the neck, working forward the front. Be sure that product covers hair as if working with a color treatment. Check your client's desired result and chech the SMOOTHING WORKING TIME table below.
Wavy Hair - 30 min
Curly Hair - 60 min
Resistant Curly Hair - 75 min
Afro-textured Hair - 90 min
Resistant Afro-textured Hair - 105 min
4. Thoroughly wash the hair with running warm water. Be sure that hair is completely free of product residue.

5. Wash hair with Hairbotox Shampoo.
6. Apply a generous amount of Hairbotox Mask. Leave Hairbotox Mask on for five minutes, rinsing the product from the hair after.
7. Divide hair in sections, blow-drying each section separately. Make sure that every section is blow-dried to perfection.
8. Divide hair in sections. Flat iron the hair with a preheated iron at 450F. Make sure the cuticle layer is tightly sealed. If hair is extremely damaged or of a lightblond color, use flat iron at 350F of less.
9. Finish the treatment with RG Cosmetic Argan Oil.

10. It is extremely important to use Hairbotox Shampoo and Hairbotox Mask for lasting results.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Styraz Benzoin Resin Extract, Coconut Water, Beeswax, Lemon (Citrus Limonum) Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimoniummethosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetromonium Chloride, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate (and) Hydrolyzed Wheat Parotein (and) Sodium Chloride (and) Hydrolyzed Rhodophycea Extract, Disodium EDTA, BHT, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, DMDM Hydantoin
Warning: Keep out of the reach of children.Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct light. External use only. Not intended to be used on white natural hair.

. Pour onto a bowl only the amount of product you are sure to use. Do not pour product back into the jar due to contamination risks.
. Make sure that product has covered hair completely
. It is fundamentally important to use Hairbotox Mask to achieve proper results.
. A slight tingle may occur on the scalp during the treatment. If client complains of a burning sensation, stop treatment immediately and wash the hair with running water.
. Use of gloves is recommended but not required.
. In case of eye contact, wash eyes with running water.
. Thoroughly follow these steps. Minor changes during application process may alter the final results.
. Do not apply directly to scalp if it has sores or is irritated.

. Be sure that hair is free of any product residue after wash for desired results.
. Damaaged or Dry Hair - IF hair has damaged or dry ends, apply product starting from the root, stopping before reaching the ends of the hair. Apply product to ends during the final stages of the process. Example: If your Smooth Working Time is of 60 minutes, apply product throughout the hair, and leave product on for 40 minutes. During the last 20 minutes of the process, you will apply product on hair ends.
. If hair is extremely damaged or of a ligh-blond color, use flat iron at 350 degrees or less.
. Color Treated Hair - Hairbotox contains an acidic pH level. There might be a slight change of color, causing hair to lighten up to one level.
. This product is for professional use only.
. White Natural Hair - No intended to be used on white natural hair.