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Mevys Leave-In Reconstructor Spray 8 Oz. (6 Bottles)

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Mevys Leave-In Reconstructor Spray 8 Oz. (6 Bottles)

You are buying 6 Bottles of Mevys Leave-In Reconstructor Spray 8 Oz.
Now it's easier to enjoy a healthy hair, bright and easy to comb. The progresses of recent formulas have allowed us to reach up to hair fibers to recovering and giving back its natural structure.

Treat and protect your hair with Mevys Leave-In Reconstructor spray. Proteins and amino acids in the formulas help to nourish and repair damaged hair, and at the same time, preventing future damage. Your hair will be conditioned and detangled, with more body. You will be able to increase shine and manageability, while at the same time controlling frizz and protecting hair color from fading and from the harmful effects of thermal products, like flat irons and blow dryers.

We have also added value to our formula with green tea's and sunflower's extracts are rich in antioxidants and help protect the hair and color for look it brighter. It will give you a feeling of freshness and a subtle fragrance that lasts longer.

As important as care for your hair is to be able to give it the final touch will make it particularly different.

How to use: Spray directly onto the towel dried hair. Style as desired, blow dry or flat iron.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest.