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Tahe Thermostyler Hair Iron - Medium

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100% Original Brand


Tahe Thermostyler Hair Iron - Medium

The hair straightening ionic iron thermo styling from TAHE is ideal to creates wavy, curly, straight and natural hair styles with textures and volume.

This iron have 100% ceramic plates to avoid hair damages due to excessive heat, witch also allow the iron to reaches it's maximum temperature in no more than 10 seconds and it distributes through out the plate in a uniform way.

With new incorporated electronics innovations and a floating plates technology to optimize the heat diffusion. This is the 3er generation of heat resistant pincers. This TAHE thermo styling iron were design on the latest technological advances in cuticle sealing and the emission of a healthy heat having as result a beautiful hair.

This thermo styling heat activated technology is available in three different sizes of irons witch are small, medium and large.

This fabulous irons from TAHE have a 10 feet long cable attach with a swivel to the pincers to prevent any tangling during use.