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Farmavita Life Cream Developer 1000 ml

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Farmavita Life Cream Developer 1000 ml

Life Cream Developer is a stabilized peroxide emulsion cream; itís available in bottles of 100 ml and 1000 ml at 10 - 20 Ė 30 Ė 40 Volumes.

Thanks to its delicate formula is ideal for professional application with permanent colors and bleaching processes. It ensures a full protection to the capillar fibres allowing an excellent color penetration.

Pigment developer which is specific of the reflecting colour process. Itís a stabilized oxidizing emulsion in cream at low volumes concentration in order to obtain shade over shade coloring. This product can be perfectly blended with Farmacolor, Hair Gel Color and Life Color Plus. To prepare the reflecting agent itís advised a blend at the ratio of 1:2. Example: 30 ml of color and 60 ml of Color Process Developer.

How to use: Please follow instructions printed inside the box of the color. This is a professional product and can only be guaranteed by use of a professional hair dresser.