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Salerm Hi Repair (1)Shampoo 250ml -(1)Mask 250ml -(1)Finish 100ml - (Renewer Treatment with BotoxPlus Effect)

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Salerm Hi Repair (1)Shampoo 250ml -(1)Mask 250ml -(1)Finish 100ml - (Renewer Treatment with BotoxPlus Effect)

Hair Renewer Treatment in 3 steps. Immediate and spectacular results: healthy, strong hair with body.

(1) Salerm Shampoo Hi Repair 250 ml. (Step 01)
Effective hair repair. The first step in the Salerm Treatment, clean and cares for badly treated, damaged hair. Built-in cationic conditioners which lengthen hydrating effects. Follow the three steps of the treatment for a thorough and long-lasting effect.

(1) Salerm Mask Hi repair 250 ml. (Step 02)
Effective hair repair. The second step in the Salerm treatment. Nourishes the hair deep down. Contains a Silk Silica-Protein Complex which instantly restores the hair structure, increasing color, duration, shine and manageability.
How to use: wash and towel dry hair. Apply the mask and leave to work for 3 minutes. Rinse.

(1) Salerm Hi Repair Finish 100 ml. (Step 03)
Effective hair recovery. This third step in the Salerm treatment instantly restores hair's texture and shine. Longer lasting thanks to its Keratinous Sun Protection.
How to use: apply to damp or dry hair according to effect desired.

Warning: Flammable. Do not use near heat, open flame or while smoking. Avoid spraying in eyes. Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.