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Tahe Essence Instant 200 ml.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Tahe Essence Instant 200 ml.

As a leave-in treatment for hair damaged due to colour services, perms, chemical curl relaxers, environmental stress…And due to its double function, it also works as a styling product, providing body and shine.

As a treatment it reconstructs hair from the cortex to the cuticle infusing outstanding elasticity, nutrition and shine. Hair recovers its essential amino acids, and provides a long lasting and intense hydration. Greatly improves mageability of hair. It counts with a cumulative effect, that is, the more regularly you use it, the more it rebuilds hair boosting its healthy and natural look.

As a styling product, hair acquires tremendous body, volume, shine and movement, leaving hair polished, sensuous and velvety. Has medium to high hold. Greatly improves pliability of frizzy and damaged hair.

Due to its cumulative properties with each application, hair is strengthened, recuperates its elasticity and healthy tone. Increases manageability when blow drying, resulting in hair full of body, shine and movement. BENEFITS:

*Repairs hair from damage caused by chemical processes.
*Provides moisture, shine and smoothness.
*Rich in vitamins A, B and F which work as moisturizers, nutrients and anti-free radicals.
*Deeply nourishing on being highly compatible for the hair protection.
*Do not weigh down hair.
*Protects against environmental aggressions and breakage.

- Hair with any chemical/technical service.
- Hair with breakage and frayed ends.
- Fragile hair in need of protection and nourishment.
- Customers who want a treatment and styling product in one, without sacrificing volume and movement.