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Tahe Structure Gel 200 ml.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Tahe Structure Gel 200 ml.

A temporary hair smoothing gel that polishes and smoothes curly and frizzy hair. Contains proteins and moisturizers that nourish and provide outstanding elasticity, shine and movement.

It is the ideal product to smooth and straighten wavy to super curly hair, polishing and boosting flexibility to the cuticle.

Due to its thermal protection, it allows you to thoroughly work hair during blow drying, avoiding its dehydration and without producing static electricity.

Because of its formulation, Structure Gel, nourishes and moisturizes hair leaving it straight, smooth and with a totally natural look. Contains anti-humidity factors resulting in long lasting straight and smooth styles.

With Structure Gel hair remains straight for days, blocking against humidity. Shine radiates from hair, sensuality envelopes you in its silky smooth touch and freedom is manifested with its natural flowing finish.


* Permits blow drying without dehydrating or splitting hair.
* Acts as a smoothing agent without leaving hair lank or oily and reduces drying time.
* Nutritious and anti-free radicals agent.
* Smooth hair and eliminate static electricity.


* Totally smoothing hair and to reduce drying time.
* Long lasting and natural straight hair.
* Thick, frizzy, wavy and curly hair.
* Customers who love to alternate between straight and curly hair.