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Tahe Hi-Tec Treatment For Tinted Hair 220 ml.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Tahe Hi-Tec Treatment For Tinted Hair 220 ml.

A spray-on instantaneous treatment. Due to its formulation rich in ceramides and vitamins, it repairs the hair fiber instantly and with a long-lasting effect. At the same time, it provides volume, shine and maximum movement to hair.

Suitable for dry and damaged hair, especially colour processed hair.

Hi-Tec is an innovative product due to its double function, one as an instantaneous treatment and another one as a styling product, due to the incredible body it provides hair.

As a treatment is very rich in vitamins. It penetrates deeply within the hair shaft, nourishing, strengthening and boosting elasticity, besides sealing the cuticle.

The effect is spectacular, leaving hair elastic, light, full of body and shine, and at the same time, protecting it with a long-lasting nutrition, especially if used regularly.

Deeply reconstructs and nourishes hair, leaving the cuticle sealed and shiny. Hair becomes very elastic and with maximum movement. Using Hi-Tec periodically, hair and colour is especially protected.


-Provides strength, elasticity and body.
-Of vegetable origin that provides body and volume.
-Repairs and moisturizes damaged and dry hair.


*All colour processed hair.
*Hair with other technical/chemical services and/or porous hair and structurally damaged.
*Customers with an active life-style who require a quick and efficient treatment.
*Very fine, limp, dry and porous hair.