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Tahe Energy Colour Sistem Nourishing Hair Colour Cream 200 ml.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Tahe Energy Colour Sistem Nourishing Hair Colour Cream 200 ml.

Tahe Energy Colour Sistem Nourishing Hair Colour Cream 200 ml.

Products and features:

  • 18 colors.
  • 1 Transparent.
  • Coloring Acid.
  • Without oxygen.
  • Protects and nourishes the natural structure and integrity of the hair.
  • Great for Media and tips, rebuilds and enhances the color.
  • No ammonia.
  • Exposure time: 10 minutes.
  • 15 color complementary shampoo to shampoo and 1 transparent color.
  • 1 Conditioner Energy, unique.
What is Energy?
An innovative perspective of color, with an acid pH 3.5.

What effect does the pH?
Results in a bright color and vivid because the cuticle is smooth and sealed.

What else do you offer?
Sage, chamomile, citric acid, avocado oil and pro vitamin B5 and moisturizing color create a high nutritional value.

Why use it?
Anyone who applies color or chemical processes to their hair and wants to keep the shine and softness, know why Energy has been created it.

Energy has been formulated to revive both permanent colors (Natural Color / Rouge / Blonde) as "Tone on Tone (Color Essential) and the contrasts of color (Extreme Color). At the same time, provide benefits of conditioning and nutrition.

Who is it for?
For anyone who tinea hair color oxidants, and / or it has also subjected to other chemical processes (permanent smoothed chemicals, etc.). It is clear where the loss of color and brightness.

When can I use?
As often as desired. The more energy is applied, the hair will be more extensive.

What effect eien an excessively porous and damaged hair?
The more damaged your hair is porous, the greater the effect and durability that this will have. In most cases, Energy last longer in a damaged hair more than the last stains of oxidation.

Energy does not contain peroxide or ammonia, or alcohol.

  • Does not cover gray hair.
  • Make a first test on a lock, if the hair is too porous.
  • Avoid contact with skin.
  • If there were any stain can be removed with alcohol.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Energy is not advisable to mix colors and oxidation that can cause a negative reaction.




Light Brown/
Marron Claro

Nordic Blonde/
Rubio Nordico



Fire Red/
Rojo Fuego


Light Moka/
Moka Claro

Beige Blonde/
Rubio Beige

Sand Blonde/
Rubio Arena

Pearl Blonde/
Rubio Perla

Copper Red/
Cobre Rojo


Light Violet/
Violeta Claro

Red Violet/
Violeta Rojo

Light Red Violet/
Violeta Rojo Claro


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