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Lizette Half Moon Eyebrow Makeup Kit ((Highlither Mineral Powder)

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Lizette Half Moon Eyebrow Makeup Kit ((Highlither Mineral Powder)

This kit contains:
Water Resistant Mineral Powder and Mineral Highlighter
Our Special Eyebrow Powder Brush (goat hair)
A Mirror
Six different stencils (molds).

Water Resistant Mineral Powder: There’s finally an easy, mistake-proof way to get the perfect brows you always wanted. Fill in, define and extend sparse brows with this revolutionary kit. Create beautifully arched eyebrows every time. Choose from 10 different colors including six different stencils. This water resistant press powder is specially designed to create perfectly shaped eyebrows in just seconds.

Mineral Highlighter Natural white shimmering color: This outstanding makeup will enhance your eyebrow to create a highlight that opens up the eyes. It will make you look younger and sexier. Apply just below the arch of the eyebrow line. This is a color that every woman must have in her cosmetics case.

It has six different stencils that have a different thickness that makes it easy for any shape or size of eyebrow to look perfect. This kit comes in a beautiful white, turquoise and black box specially designed to hold your stencils and powder in one. You can feel free to give the Lizette Mineral Eyebrow Makeup kit as a gift because it’s absolutely elegant…The powder comes in a beautiful black compact that opens on both sides; the top opening holds the water resistant mineral powder and the bottom opening stores our special eyebrow powder brush (goat hair) and mirror.

Because we are specialist in just eyebrows we want to satisfy the majority of women. We have 10 different tones of makeup available: Brown, Deep Brown, Sand, Light Brown, Sheer Brown, Ash Brown, Grey, Black, Cinnamon Brown and Wine.


  • Place the mold on your eyebrow, press firmly with your fingers at the ends of the mold, align the arch (should be ¼ inch out side the pupil), don’t worry if the beginning or the end of the stencil is too short or too long, you can always remove and place it in the space that you need to fill in.
  • Fill in the space by applying the powder on both directions.
  • Remove the mold, clean and repeat the operation in the other eyebrow using the opposite side of the same mold.
  • Apply the Mineral Highlighter Natural white just below the arch of the eyebrow line.


  • Looks very natural
  • Water resistant makeup
  • Perfect brows in just seconds
  • Perfect for shaping eyebrows use as a guide when applying wax or tweezing
  • Can be used to cover/touch up grays in hairline in place of the crayon
  • Great for those clients that suffer from hair loss, use to camouflage the bald scalp
  • Wonderful product for cancer patients or individuals that have been under chemotherapy and have suffered hair loss
  • Can be used to introduce your client to permanent makeup because they will love the way they look with perfect eyebrows
  • For clients with permanent makeup that have changed their color or have gotten darker
  • This is recommended for a natural finish, and also while they wait for the real color to set in
  • Can be used as an eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, etc.
  • Gives a more natural look then penciling in or tattooing the eyebrow