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MimicColor Roots - Gray Hair - Makeup 0.15oz (Water Resistant Dry Application)

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MimicColor Roots - Gray Hair - Makeup 0.15oz (Water Resistant Dry Application)

Keep roots colored with this clever compact: Everyone's looking for ways to save a little money these days, and we know several people trying to stretch the time between salon hair-coloring sessions in order to do so. You might be able to get away with this if you're dealing with highlights, but if your hair grows in gray, it's much harder to pull it off—and it requires a little extra help.

Our recommendation: MimicColor Cosmetic Hair Color Touch-Up. Inside a cute, oval compact is rich, brush-on color that beautifully covers the roots that give away your real hue. Available in five tones—black,dark brown, medium brown, blonde and red—the natural-looking effect is sweat-proof and sleep-proof, staying put until you wash it out. A compact lasts an amazingly long time, saving you plenty as you stay out of the salon.

Camouflage your clients' roots with MimicColor Hair Color Touch-up!
Even expertly applied makeup won't make your client look youthful and glamorous if their grey roots are peeking out. Now you can cover them instantly with MimicColor temporary cosmetic touch-up.
Brushes on dry—MimicColor is fantastic for the eyebrows! That's why we include an eyebrow brush in the kit. Gently blends grays and creates contour.
You control the depth of color. For lighter hair, brush on a little. For darker shades, brush on more -- like applying blush. Add a second color to refine the effect.
No hard edge where color stops. Blends easily to camouflage the new growth. Water-resistant. Clients can sweat under hot lights, and MimicColor won't smear.
Won't rub off on clothing or pillow. MimicColor stays in place until you shampoo it out.
Use it only where the roots show. MimicColor is meant to be used at the temples, part, and hairline during the early stages of new growth. Great for eyebrows, too.
Use it for men's beards. Also great for short hair -- won't stain the scalp.
Be creative with MimicColor—Add lowlights, streaks of color, and more. It all shampoos out easily afterwards.


MimicColor has a natural wax bas, which feels dry and smooth to the touch. Start off by swirling your brush or fingertip around the color pallette a few times to load with product.

Holding hair drown at part, brush MimicColor back and forth along either side to fill in the line of new growth. reapply MimicColor to brush as needed, continuing down part on either side until visible roots are covered.

As roots get longer, apply MimicColor to layers in an extra section under your part to combat the silver glow that may shine through.
Please Note: roots longer than 6 weeks will require more product and should be addressed with permanent color.

For hairline, temples and sides, apply MimicColor directly onto your scalp area to give a fuller appearance and add extra body to your hair.

MimicColor is very effective on your eyebrows, so we've included and eyebrow brush in the kit. (Not for use on eyelashes).

Fragrance-free and natural to the touch, no one will even know its there!

To remove, just shampoo.