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Tahe Natural-Hair Detox Exfoliating Dandruff Gel With Extract Of Burdock 50 ml.

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Tahe Natural-Hair Detox Exfoliating Dandruff Gel With Extract Of Burdock 50 ml.

Exfoliating Dandruff Gel With Extract Of Burdock 50 ml.
Active ingredients:
Burdock is an essential component for the treatment of dandruff due to its anti-microbe and anti-oxidation action, which act against the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi (Pityrosporum Ovale).
Its action mechanism in cases of dandruff (either dry or oily) is very efficient, due to its reductive cell partition characteristics (mitosis).
Nowadays, Burdock is far ahead of other ingredients previously mentioned, and fundamentally above all the piritionati due to its stability, efficiency and tolerance.
(Zinc piritionato causes difficulties in its dissolution and its function is deactivated due to ultraviolet light and oxidants. The piritionat is very soluble, however it presents a very high level of toxicity).
(products based on selenic sulphur have been discontinued in their use due to the proven toxicity of selenic).

Tea Tree Oil (is an antiseptic and bactericidal of natural origin), It acts on bacteria and fungus, making it an excellent anti-dandruff active agent.
Alantoína, Due to its extraordinary queratolitic properties, it is a widely use active in anti-dandruff formulas.
Vegetable extract complex., (Sage, Aloe Vera, Lemon), works in synergy due to its moisturising and decongestant (Sage), soothing and emulsifying (Aloe Vera), and antiseptic and astringent (lemon) properties.
Dog rose hips oil, with moisturising and anti-irritant properties for the scalp.
Particles of vegetable origin, with a soft exfoliating effect.

Applicatión tips:
For a complete treatment firstly use:

  • Detox Exfoliating Gel. Follow instructions on the package.
  • Shampoo with Detox concentrated Shampoo.
  • Apply Detox Concentrate (ampoule) with the appropiate massage. Do not rinse.
  • We recommend to apply this treatment 2-3 times per week during the first two months.
  • The treatment will last depending on the evolution of the problem and of each individual.

Note: We can also achieve good results with the individual use of any product of the Detox range.

Apply DETOX Exfoliating anti-dandruff Gel on the scalp by parting sections of hair using the nozzle of the applicator bottle. It can be applied either on dry or damp hair. Proceed to massage with finger tips (do not scratch). Leave-on from 5 to 15 minutes and shampoo-off with DETOX Concentrated Purifying Shampoo.