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Alter Ego After Shave Balm MAN 150 ml / 5.07 oz.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Alter Ego After Shave Balm MAN 150 ml / 5.07 oz.

After-Shaving balm perfect for delicate and sensitive skins. Boosted with the Revitalizing Mineral complex, M.A.N., it carries out a hydrating and refreshing action, and helps soothe past-shaving redness. It absorbs quickly to give long lasting and invisible protection. Allergy free-fragrance.

How to use: apply after shaving, massage.

M.A.N. is an innovative line of professional products for hair, face and body that has been designed to be used only by MEN.
All the products contain the innovative M.A.N. (Mineral Active Nucleus) Complex. This multi-funtional complex with its base of Revitalizing Minerals, Oligo-elements and Creatine helps to strengthen the protein structure of the hair fibre and reactivate cellular metabolism.

- SLES FREE: the shampoo and the shower gel do not contain Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate to guarantee a more delicate cleansing action that is well tolerated on all skin types.

- ALLERGEN FREE-FRAGRANCE: its fresh masculine allergy-free fragrance reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

- UV FILTER: promotes an effective anti-oxidizing and anti-age action.