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Mevys Original Keratin Treatment 33.8 oz. (for thin hair and soft curls)

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Mevys Original Keratin Treatment 33.8 oz. (for thin hair and soft curls)


Mevys Original Keratin Treatment contains a combination of Keratin Protein, Collagen, Silk Amino Acids, and Wheat, Rice, Soy and Silk Proteins. This unique combination of proteins with different molecular sizes allows for the smaller proteins to penetrate deep within the cortex to repair, while the larger proteins act to seal the cuticle. This means that the hair is repaired form the inside and outside.

Mevys Original Keratin Treatment has been specially designed for thin hair and soft curls. It will not weigh down the hair, nor will it leave the hair greasy. Frizz and curls will be eliminated, while leaving the hair silky soft.

After last three months You should apply again throughout the hair treatment. Even if you allow your chances, you can do this treatment every month, because the more you do it you will notice better results in hair.

You should use the product line maintenance Mevys 72 hours after you've applied the treatment of Keratin Mevys. It should use products free of sulfates. Shampoo Mevys free of sulfates protect your hair treated with the Keratin Treatment, also is designed to protect your hair color. That is the only dual action product for your Hair Keratin and Color treated. You must also use the Mevys Conditioner that contains Aloe Vera and keeps your hair smooth.

Also if you plan o going to the pool or beach can use Leave-in Reconstructor Mevys which is a leave-in that not only protects your hair from effects of chlorine and nitrate, but also from ultraviolet rays and reconstructs internally fiber hair. And last you should apply at least once a week the intense and refreshing mask that will keep your hair healthy.

Directions: Shampoo hair with Mevys Clarifying Shampoo and blow dry until hair is completely dry. Divide the dry hair into four quarters, and apply to small sections from the root to the end, making sure not to over saturate. For best results, blow dry each section after application and then flat iron 4-6 times from the root to the end. Wait 72 hours before washing hair with Mevys Sulfate-free Nourishing Shampoo.

Before applying conduct an allergy test.