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RG Cosmetics Amazon X-Treme Keratin Premium Keratin Treatment 32 Oz.

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RG Cosmetics Amazon X-Treme Keratin Premium Keratin Treatment 32 Oz.

Order release subject to cosmetology licence verification.
Please leave your phone number when you place your order or call us at: 1-866-585-2246 or 407-574-7442.

For professional use only.

RG Amazon X-Treme Keratin Treatment combines the purity of nature with a technological breakthrough, creating this unique Steam Free hair treatment.

Mango Butter nourishes and softens stubborn hair. Brazilian Nut Oil reconstructs and hydrates. This extraordinary formula restores and strengthens your hair, giving you shiny, sleek, healthy looking hair.

RG Amazon X-Treme Brazilian Treatment is suitable for coarse or extremely frizzy hair and people looking for X-Treme results.

How to use:

  1. Wash the hair with RG Clarifying Shampoo 2 or 3 times, assuring that the hair is free from all residues and is completely clean.
  2. It is important to dry the hair 70% leaving it 30% wet.
  3. Divide the hair in 3 sections, then apply the product with a cup and a brush. Work on each section individually by applying the product and drying it completely before going on to the next section of the hair.
  4. Important: Do not to over-saturate the hair for this will no render the desired results.
  5. Use a paddle brush to remove any excess solution from hair, this will make blow-drying easier.
  6. Divide the hair into 3 sections, applying the hair clips lightly, then use a round brush and a blow dryer to dry the hair 100%.
  7. Divide the hair in 3 sections and use a flat iron at 450ºF. until the cuticle layer is sealed light.
  8. After the RG Amazon X-Treme Brazilian Treatment is complete, apply RG Silicon Drops throughout the full length of the hair.
  9. It is advisable, but not necessary to wait 48 hours before washing hair with RG Keratin Shampoo.
  10. It is very important not to pin, tie a rubber band, use any types of hair clips, or place the sides of the hair over the ears.
  11. In order to maintain the desired results after any Keratin Treatment you must use RG Keratin Shampoo, RG Keratin Conditioner and RG Crystal Silicon Drops.

Warnings: Please take any chemical hair product to your professional hair stylist. Before applying conduct an allergy test. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

Amazon X-Treme Keratin Treatment Ingredients: Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Oil, Magnifera Indica Seed Butter, Hydrolized Keratin, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Citric Acid, Cocamidde Dea, Cocamdopropyl Betaine, Formaldehyde, Polyquaterium-7, Aqua(Water), Disodium EDTA, Clycol Disterate, Clyserin, (Parfum Fragrance)

For professional use only.