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Termix Hair Brush Ceramic Ionic 17 mm

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Termix Hair Brush Ceramic Ionic 17 mm

Diameter: 17 mm - For short hair model and create small clusters.

The body of aluminum with ceramic fiber won ionized - that leave the hair untidy and resistant to high temperatures - and Ceramic ionic became a brush with excellent heat conduction of the dryer.
The leaving holes through which the fiber increases the movement of hot air, further reducing the time for drying and shaping of hair.
Its lid is fixed by a system of expansion than never loose.

Made of lightweight and durable material, has safe and ergonomic grip, not slip in the hand and prevents the pain of repetitive movements.


  • Aluminum and ceramics (body)
  • ionized Nylon 6.6 (fiber)
  • Polypropylene (cover and cable )
  • Monofilament: wire (galvanized iron)
  • In end of the cable, a pin is attached to assist in the separation of fuses.