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Difiaba Developer 1000 ml.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Difiaba Developer 1000 ml.

For professional use only.
Enriched with Gotu Kola protective properties and stabilizers for longer durability. Difiava Level 0 Developer is designed to work with Difiaba Color and/or Difiaba Descolorizing products. Follow chart below for easy selection.

Level Guide / Guía
ActionTone-On-Tone 1 Level2 Levels 3 Levels
AcciónTon Sobre Ton 1 Nivel2 Niveles 3 Niveles
Difiaba Level0 12 3
Time / Tiempo30 min 40 min 50 min 55 min
Decolorize / Descolorante
ActionPurifying 2 Level4 Levels 6 Levels
AcciónLavado Decapante 2 Niveles4 Niveles 6 Niveles
Difiaba Level0 12 3
Time / Tiempo10 min 25 min 35 min 45 min

content: Hydrogen Peroxide. Caution: Wear suitable protective gloves before and during applications. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. If product comes in contact with eyes and/or skin, rinse immediately with water. Twist-close bottle after use. Keep product away from heat sources. Keep out of the reach of children.