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Crioxidil Color Silk Proteins 60 ml 2.07 Oz.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Crioxidil Color Silk Proteins 60 ml 2.07 Oz.

Preparation Of Permanent Dye:
For all shades, mix with oxidant in equal parts (60 g dye with 60g oxidant).
For Extreme blonde, mix a ratio 1 part to 2 (60 g dye with 120g oxidant).
The oxidant selected depend on the degree of lightness you wish to achieve. In general. we recommend 20-volume oxidant to obtain dark shades and 20-volume to obtain maximum coverage, 30-volume whenever you wish to obtain two shades and 40-volume when using extra light Extreme Blonde shades.

Aplication: It Should be applied to dry, unwashed hair, except when the hair is very coarse, greasy, or setting lotion, gel or lacquer has been used, in which case hair should be shampooed beforehand. The product should be applied directly on colour of dry hair to ensure good coverage or after washing to obtain a softer tone.

First Aplication:
Step 1: Apply the required colour to the hair ends and the middle of the hair using 30-volumen oxidant, without touching the roots. Leave on for 30 minutes.
Step 2: Without rinsing, continue by applying the colour to the roots using 20 volumene oxidant, without touching the previous application made to the middle and ends of the hair. Leave on for 30 minutes.
Before rinsing, add a little water and massage the roots to help remove the product. Rinse well and then wash with Crioxidil Shampoo.
Touch-ups: Apply the colour to the roots without touching the previously dyed area. Leave on for 25 minutes. Apply the remaining dye to the ends; leave on for a few minutes, depending on the porosity and level of colour. Continue with normal rinse procedure mentioned above.
Time: Leave on for about 30 minutes for all shades excepting EXTREME BLONDE, which should b e on for 45 minutes. For colour on colour, the recommended time is 20 minutes, except for grey hair which needs up to 30 minutes. Before using the dye for the first time, a sking sensitivity test should be carried out. Not suitable for dying eyebrows of eyelashes.