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RG Cosmetics Collagen Mask 473ml/16oz.

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


RG Cosmetics Collagen Mask 473ml/16oz.

Collagen infused hair mist and mask that has a revitalizing effect on hair.

The RG Cosmetics Collagen Collection is made up of the Collagen Hair Mist Treatment and the Collagen Mask. This collagen infused collection has a revitalizing effect on hair by:

Revitalizing hair from the inside out.
Restoring and boosting collagen protein.
Strengthening, thickening and plumping hair.
Reconstructing damaged cuticles.

Step by Step Instructions for Collagen Mask:
Use: Weekly moisturizing and reconstructive hair mask infused with collagen. Recommended use to enhance & maintain the RG Cosmetics Collagen Line.

  1. Wash hair with the RG Cosmetics Shampoo thoroughly to ensure hair is clean.
  2. Towel-dry hair.
  3. Apply a generous amount of Collagen Mask to hair starting at the middle to ends. Gently work mask through hair and leave-in for 10-15 minutes. It is RG Cosmetics recommendation to put hair under heat source during the wait time.
  4. Rinse hair with water and style per client desire.

  • Attention:
    When applying the Collagen Hair Mist, do not use the Collagen Mask or any other conditioner after hair is initially washed with the RG Cosmetics Shampoo.
  • Do not apply Collagen Hair Mist or Mask to scalp.
  • Flat iron temperature should be 450F (230C). If hair is a blond color or damaged, use the flat iron at temperature of 360F (180C) / base on stylist assessment.
  • This treatment focuses on restoration of hair cuticles / strands. That is why it is very important to blow-dry and flat iron hair to a perfect finish, always curving the ends inward.
  • It is of paramount importance for quality equipment to be used along with professional competence (proper application, blow-dry and flat iron technique) to ensure the best results.
  • In case of product contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes with running water.
  • Carefully follow the guidelines contained in this instructions manual. Small changes in the application process may interfere with the final result.
  • RG Tip: Use of RG Cosmetics Collagen Line will maintain and enhance this treatment.