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Lady Fior Avocado (1)Shampoo & (1)Rinse Balsam 16 Oz. -12 Vitamins

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Lady Fior Avocado (1)Shampoo & (1)Rinse Balsam 16 Oz. -12 Vitamins

1 Lady Fior Avocado Shampoo 16 Oz.
This gentle shampoo has been elaborated with the nutrients and the natural vitamins from the Avocado pulp, which adheres to the hair roots leaving your hair clean and free from dandruff.
How to use: Wet the hair and apply the shampoo massaging for a few seconds. Rinse with plenty water and repeat the process a second time.

1 Lady Fior Avocado Balsam Rinse 16 Oz.
This rinse has been elaborated with the highest levels of quality, working as a powerful detangler and conditioner thanks to its proteins and natural oils extracted form the Avocado pulp, which also leaves your hair loose, silky and shiny.
How to use: Apply after the Lady Fior Avocado Shampoo massaging lightly over the scalp for a few seconds. Comb and rinse with plenty water.
Warning: External use only. Keep out reach of children.

Made in Dominican Republic by: Beauty Entreprise Products.